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It was always something given to Arkane Lyon Deathloop receives a new trailer during the PlayStation Showcase. Releasing on September 14th, it is one of the biggest console selections for the PS5 this year. Check out some new gameplay below that sees the main character Colt Vahn ask what’s going on in Blackreef.

A few rare details are revealed, like how Colt was apparently the Head of Security on Blackreef, and how Julianna continually pushes him to remember why he came there. Of course, on the way to discovering all of this, the player must pull down the eight Visionaries living on the island. Doing so will shut the Link down … or will it? Is there some more mystery at the heart of it all?

Deathloop is releasing next week for PS5 and PC, and is an unmatched year for the Sony console. For more details on how it leverages the DualSense controller, go here. You can also learn more about system requirements, pre-load date and PC features here.


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