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God of War: Ragnarok’s Officially last week’s PlayStation Showcase was followed by many more new details about the game that come to light, and it was one of the game elements where we learned some interesting things to about the war. God of War (2018) ‘s war was as good as the device as it was, but talk in an interview with IGN, Eric Williams – who replaced Cory Barlog as director for the next series – that’s the story Ragnarok will be expanded on that foundation in various ways.

One of the things William mentioned was that Santa Monica Studio was very focused God of War: Ragnarok’s development is expanding the tool to allow for more genres and for players to be more exposed to combat. “God of War 2 ma The spirit of Sparta these are probably the two favorite games I’ve played in, ”said Williams, who has worked on all of the main lines in the past. God of War game “There was a method in both of those games, take the foundation and then say, ‘You know what, we go deep into entertaining customers. We go a lot into genres, but not more. just a lot.Better fit organized.

“For me it was the first time [in the director’s chair], I’m going to take lessons of the history of the past, and I’m going to use where you’ve tried to do that. And inside Ragnarok, which we are trying to make special with Kratos, we are trying to give a better show to the player. ”

William explained that the attitude will come from a variety of sources, including progression through gears and machines. In the meantime, Atreus will be more involved in battles. “The way [he and Kratos] linked up, he’s too young, so he’s got a lot of other follow -ups and sets for Kratos, ”Williams said.

He also mentioned that, enemies, too, will be able to deal with and intimidate as many players as possible, and get their own tricks on their hands as well. “So the creatures definitely need to have the tools to counteract that, otherwise you’re going to be destroyed,” William explains. “So creatures have new things you need to think,‘ Oh, maybe I need to break up with Atreus first, or do this with Kratos.

“There will be a little more discussion with enemies and all the new tools. But since your tools can be different, it means your conversations are different, so you can push them one way or that way. “

Later, William mentioned the time in God of War: Ragnarok’s show the wheelbarrow in which Kratos uses his Blades of Chaos to pull him up to a higher altitude, and use it as a hook. As he explains, the mechanics will allow for more vertical, “almost hill-type encounters” in the game, and enemies will also take advantage of the environment’s ‘straightness’.

“Differences because of different types aren’t everything [for us]. They are there to serve what they are trying to do, ”Williams said. “Kratos picks up the belt with a chain and then collides with the enemy and leaves [in the new gameplay footage], you can’t do things like that [in 2018]. Much of the gameplay last time was done on an airplane. So there is control to it, but no [a thought like], ‘Oh, let’s let him open the doors because of.’ [That’s included] because there’s familiar gameplay around it, it’s almost like hill-type encounters. And it changes how a player presents themselves on the battlefield.

“Enemies, too, can use that. So if you’re not listening, they’ll use it appropriately too. And it really helps with that conversation going to war. ”

God of War: Ragnarok will be released sometime in 2022 for PS5 and PS4. SIE Santa Monica Studio has also confirmed it is the final game in the Norse saga. Read more about that here.


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