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War Thunder gets its biggest update ever on PC and consoles including Xbox Series X|S and PS5

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war thunder new power xbox

The free military-based, action-packed MMO War Thunder has just been treated to its most glorious update so far. This update, New Power, brings a new engine, the next-gen consoles version, battleships, new aircraft carriers, VTOL aircraft and much more. 

The folks at Gaijin Entertainment have announced all the details surrounding today’s New Power update, which is the biggest update in the history of the game. There’s also news that the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 versions of War Thunder are available, fully utilising the power of next-gen consoles. It’s switched to the Dagor 6.0 engine, and this will  significantly upgrade the game visuals across all platforms, while Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 deliver a steady [email protected] resolution..  

Visual enhancements are instantly noticeable upon firing up the game. The new War Thunder engine simulates a rather natural-looking sky, featuring clouds of various types, fog and an accurate distribution and scattering of sunlight. It even possesses the means to draw a realistic sunset on Mars or a nuclear bomb explosion, if required. Shot and explosion effects, as well as fires and vehicle destruction physics are also enhanced. Furthermore, armour scars appear correctly on ground vehicles in places where shells hit and in some cases the projectile can even get stuck in the armour. 

War Thunder naval enthusiasts will now have the chance to fight using battlecruisers and battleships. Those like the famous HMS Dreadnought that marked the beginning of a new era in military shipbuilding or the Imperatritsa Mariya, which is one of the dreadnought-class battleships built by the Russian Empire ready for World War I. The update changes the naval fleet progression system too, allowing newcomers to skip torpedo boats and start with destroyers to get to the largest ships much faster. 

Fans of aircrafts can enjoy VTOL machines in the Harrier and Yak-38 families, which are equipped with a thrust vectoring propulsion system. In flight, pilots can vary the thrust nozzles’ angle to alter the flight characteristics of the aircraft. Additionally, you can attempt to perform helicopter-style attack runs or avoid enemy detection at low altitude. Other aircraft carriers include the likes of HMS Ark Royal, USS Forrestal and the Soviet aircraft cruiser Baku. 

And finally, the T-90A tank is here. Its most distinctive feature is the Shtora electro-optical jammer and laser/IR warning system. Other nations are also receiving interesting modern armoured vehicles, like the US M1128 Stryker MGS, German Leopard 2A6 and French Leclerc S2. 

The impressive New Power update for War Thunder is available right now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC. So, fire it up and have a real blast!

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