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A new update is available for Scarlet Nexus which adds many quality of life features. Bandai Namco has showcased the v1.03 patch in a new trailer, detailing new locations for assisting goals and locking on among other things. Check it out below.

The default Assignment Goal is notable in that it allows attacking a nearby enemy automatically (instead of forcing you to redirect a character to attack). Toggle Aim Assist (Locked On) always sees attacks hitting an enemy you’ve locked on instead of prioritizing the direction of the left analog stick. Other settings include camera distance, which can be Normal, Near or Far, and the speed at which the camera will track a character.

If you are tired of seeing SAS Activation Animation screens, then there is now an option to skip them, making battles flow even faster. Subtitles and fonts for things like Brain Talk messages, cuts etc. can also be made larger, improving readability. Character movement outside of battles has also been made faster too.

Scarlet Nexus out now for Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, PS5 and PC. There are even more updates and paid DLC planned for the coming months so stay tuned.


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