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Android developers develop applications for Android phones. These phones run on the Android operating system and are capable of downloading apps. Applications maximize the utility of smart phones. There are now many applications, each with a unique set of functions. These can include games, maps, or GPS capabilities. The number of apps in the market is increasing as developers create new ones every now and then. Android developers can work under an Android development company, but some work independently, using their own resources.

Android phones, like iPhones, have become popular today. People don’t just use their mobile gadgets to communicate. Today, they use their phones to play games or even download files from the Internet. Android competes with Apple’s iOS. Apple iPhones are also evolving, both in terms of functionality and the number of applications available on the market. There are also iPhone app developers, either working for an iPhone development company or independently. Producers of Android and iPhone are improving the functionality of smart phones and pushing the competition between Android and Apple iOS further.

Android developers create a huge range of applications. The most popular are Angry Birds, Skype, YouTube Mobile, The Weather Channel, Facebook Mobile, etc. App makers would come up with new creations, some of which will become popular. Many of them are games, like Bubble Breaker, Super Slot, Sudoku, Space War, and Pieces.

Developing applications is hard work. Android developers usually don’t work alone, but work with programmers. Complex applications can take months to complete and require more than one programmer. On the other hand, a single expert can make simple ones with limited abilities. Creating apps requires the use of code for Android app development, which is available online.

This process involves a lot of programming, so decision-makers need to be knowledgeable in the area. However, not everyone who is familiar with programming can immediately get used to the programming language used to create applications. Developers with different skill levels can use the SDK or API, which provides them with the tools to write programs. These tools provide access to the fundamentals of building applications. While you don’t need to be a programming genius, you need to have programming experience first. The advantage of the SDK or API is that it frees anyone from having to go through complicated details of functions and interface.

The SDK or Software Development Kit was released by the Android Development Team in 2007. It has been enhanced and has been anchored in the Java Development Platform. This means that programmers familiar with Java should be comfortable with the SDK, which works on Windows, Apple, and Linux. The SDK should be easy to obtain, as it is available online.

On the other hand, those who don’t have a lot of programming skills can still become a producer using the App Inventor. Launched in July 2010, this web tool is available to anyone who wants to become Android app makers. This is basically done for hobbyists. With its visual development interface, app design should be less of a hassle.


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