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Yukon Solitaire is a fun card game, requiring the ability to plan elaborate sequences of long moves. It is quite unusual compared to other solitaire games, as it allows you to move stacks of cards when they are out of order.

It is not possible to win every game of Yukon Solitaire, but a good player should be able to win over 80% of the games they play if they use the right strategy …

The key to being successful in Yukon Solitaire is to work backwards. Instead of making any possible move, the player must work to lay out the exposed cards.

From the first pile, look at the top exposed card. Then try to find another card that the exposed card could be moved to, and then try to rearrange the cards to make the move.

This could be best illustrated with an example:

Suppose the card displayed at the top of a column is a 3. You need to find a black four to play on. There is only one black four in play at the moment, and it has a black 6 directly below it. The black 6 must therefore be moved … which means that a red seven is needed. Suppose there is a red 7 visible at the bottom of a stack … Then the game would go like this:

Black 6 over Red 7

Red 3 over Black 4

And a map covered in the column has now been exposed.

Now generally the sequence will take longer than that. Sometimes I played sequences of more than 10 moves!

You will find that some columns cannot be exposed at this time. Either a card in the sequence is missing, or a card you need is already in use (in the example above, if the black four already had a red three underneath, then the game would be stuck, because it didn’t. there would be nowhere to move the other red three on).

When that happens, just go to the next column. I find it helpful to keep my mouse cursor over the column I’m currently analyzing. It helps me remember which column I’m at, which can be especially helpful if you’ve just been investigating a really long streak.

If you can’t find any columns that can be exposed, it’s time to start looking for cards to release that can be moved to the foundation. Are there any cards you can move that would allow you to release an Ace?

If you follow this advice, you will find that you can quite easily win at least 80% of the Yukon Solitaire games you play.


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