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In the midst of all the procrastination, come Light Death 2 Eternal Man released in February 2022 to Taua 2042 may come later, Ember Lab’s Gehenna: Bridge of Spirits is still going well. Recently the creator of the film Hell discussed what it means and how to get on with it PlayStation Blog. Her first characters were Wanchana “Vic” Intrasombat, a “close collaborator on our commercial projects in the past, but this time she had a canvas space and we can see a lot of her beauty and special worldview in all aspects of design. ”

Although Hell started small, she felt that building her role as Spirit Guide required a lot of life experience and was getting older. It was created by Rodrigo Gonçalves in 3D for the first time. “He built the model and later went on to refine and research real -time techniques for as many details as his hair. We also worked with Carlos Ortega, many of whom are revered for his beautifully powerful works of art. 3D. ”

Ember Lab said more play means more work for its displays. Because his character is expressed in the way Hell moves and works, the revelations needed to be “more broad and deep.” “With a lot of animations on the other side of the game, we built a library of information and other details like hands and hair set. This quick way is a quick way to clean up and put together animations and make sure Hell feeling always occupied by the same spirit from beginning to end. “

Much work went into the movement of her hair and clothing, which caused the wind to become even more important. In the context of the game, it’s just like any other area that evokes the feeling of being in a village inhabited by spirits, or on a mountain top. “And while everyone is involved in physics,“ all sides ”of Hell are revealed by five.

Gehenna: Bridge of Spirits released on September 21st for PS5, PS4 and PC via the Epic Games Store.


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