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Following the new video from the PlayStation Showcase, Gran Turismo 7 he received many new details courtesy of artist Kazunori Yamauchi. Speak up Eurogamer, Yamauchi offered more details on the game all the time on the lineup for the single-player game. First, he noted that not only exclusively at the GT Cafe, which offers car enthusiasts from the “past, present and future” there is a unique cultural feel, but to keep the copy to the public.

“The need for online communication isn’t unique to Cafe per se – it just prevents public copying from people trying to alter the storage of information, which is why it’s online communication.And just to update on the look itself, it has two functions.One is to refer the user to the next intended meeting, and also to motivate those involved in collecting some of the it rolled.

“On the other hand, when they come back with the cars they ask to be collected, it brings a little bit of history for the culture, and the history behind these car wars that they added to their collection.”

Yamauchi also confirmed that players can open their garages and show their collections to others, which can be accessed via online requirements. But even if there are options outside of the competition, he said an online connection is needed. The only way you don’t need to play online is in Arcade Mode.

“Because there is no point in saving information, it means it is possible. But anything related to data storage needs a connection. For example things like data livery as well – that’s something that is downloaded from the network. “

Gran Turismo 7 is currently working for PS4 and PS5. It will be announced on March 4th 2022 so stay tuned for more details in the coming months.


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