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Valheim’s Hearth and Home’s long-awaited major update is now available on PC. Along with adding new pieces and furniture, new recipes, overhauling food mechanics and battling changes, it also seems to have a new threat. Check out the trailer below for a brief teaser.

Hearth and Home contains several features that fans ask for, including the ability to plant seeds for growing more trees, a new Obligation that destroys unwanted items and sharing map data with other plots using the Table Cartography. You can also name pets with the now tamed Lox with some purpose and there seems to be “something dark and mysterious that seems to be spreading across the plains …”

New items include Butcher Knife, Thunder Stone, Crystal Battleaxe, Silver Knife, Bone Tower Shield and Iron Bucket. The Oven is now used to bake pies and bread while some types of meat now require an Iron Cooking Station. Stay tuned for more details on follow-up patches and improvements to Hearth and Home in the coming weeks.


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