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One of the most unexpected stories of the past few years has been the emergence of THQ Nordic. The company takes the name of a once-obsolete publisher and has been making all sorts of revivals of IPs associated with the once prolific game brand. Expected to have an exhibition later this month, meanwhile they have a big sale through Steam and that includes some tidy free merchandise.

The Steam sale currently underway has plenty of discounts on titles from THQ, inc Destroy All Men!, Biomutant, Elex and a host of more, including a free trial period for Desperados 3. But two of those titles you can get for free forever. One of those is Titan Quest: Birthday Collection, and includes the revitalized base company in 2018 as well as its expansion that came many years later. The other is Jagged Alliance: Gold Edition, which sees the classic and influential turn-based tactics game from 1994 alongside its expansion / spinoff, Deadly Games.

Both titles can be claimed through Steam until September 23rd. The THQ Exhibition is set for September 17th.


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