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Falcom’s The Story of the Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki going on at the end of this month, a good time for anyone to show off the opening picture. It features the main theme “Namonaki Akumu no Hate” by Falcom jdk BAND and features a wide range of main characters, from newcomers like protagonist Van and Agnes familiar to heroes like Zin Vathek and Renne Bright. Check it out below.

The Story of the Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki held at Calvard Republic shortly after the war with Erebonia. Agnes, a high school student, is seen visiting Van Arkride in order to recover from a stolen Orbment belonging to her grandfather. As a Spriggan, Van’s duties alternate between warfare, research and negotiation, using underground communications to get the job done.

With the usual command line for battle, Kuro no Kiseki features a real-time mode for navigating, attacking enemies and swapping characters. There is also the LGC Alignment System to point out that can help Van. It’s out on September 30th for PS4 in Japan and hasn’t been approved for localization in the West. Stay tuned for more details in the coming days.


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