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People claim to install YSmenu on R4 cards for lesser benefits than YSmenu will bring them.

1. R4 firmware is too outdated. Recently only a few groups have started working on r4 firmware, but r4 firmware still looks pale compared to ysmenu firmware.
2. There is native support for the EZ 3in1 (all current models) so you don’t need to use third-party chargers.
3. Ysmenu is actually updated every few weeks or so.
4. YSmenu can delete files, and you don’t need to take out your SD card from your r4 and insert it into your computer just to delete something.

However, you have to keep in mind that there are still some r4 clones that ysmenu cannot work on. The r4 clones that ysmenu cannot work on are as follows:

1. R4 Neo.
2. R4 SDHC.
3. R4i Pro Gold.

So you need to make sure your R4 cards are not clones before using YSmenu. There will also be problems. For example, if the games start to load but the loading bar hangs? In this case, you only need SD For Material Version, you can download it from here.

Also, if you want your games to take forever to load, you can fix this by downloading the latest infolib.dat file from here. Some games take forever to load. Lots of people who don’t like it this way. They think R4YSAuto is easier. Granted, R4YSAuto is just a shortcut to driving. There are still other people who hate r4 neo. Although r4 neo is very cheap, but it does not work well on dsi. To my surprise, most r4 users praise r4 sdhc and r4i pro gold.

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