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A screen saver is a computer program that was originally developed to protect the screen of cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors. Today, they are used for password protection and branding.

Cathode ray tube monitors used a cathode ray to form an image on a screen covered with phosphor. These screens were sensitive, and if the image on the screen was not changed for a long time, the screen could be burnt. For this purpose, screen savers have been developed.

A screen saver can be animated text, an image slideshow, or any other moving graphic. The purpose of the screen saver is to keep changing the graphics on the computer screen. Since modern computers no longer use CRT screens, people may think that screen savers have become obsolete.

This is not true. Screen savers are still widely used around the world, and although modern computers don’t need them to record screen, they serve many other purposes.

Screen savers are a powerful branding tool and many multinational companies use them to promote their brands. Almost 90% of the computers in the world use screen savers, so advertisers have a lot of possibilities to create innovative screen savers that appeal to the masses. Once a user downloads a screensaver and installs it, the brand already occupies a distinct space in the consumer’s mind. Whenever the user sees the branded screen saver on their screen; the brand image will be strengthened.

Screen savers are also used to protect computer content when the user is away. If you are using a password protected screen saver, each time it runs, the screen cannot be restored to normal without entering a password. This feature will save your computer from unwanted visitors while you are away from it.

The internet is full of screen savers on every possible subject. You’ll find screensavers showcasing marine life, animals, celebrities, seasons, continents, wars, sports, technology, and just about anything you can think of. Some people download a screensaver just for the fun of it. These are the types of people that can be targeted by brands, and this group is mostly made up of children.

Screen savers can be used to advertise games, clothing, and other child-friendly products. Other age groups can also be targeted, but advertising through screensavers will be more effective for children aged 6 to 13.

Screen savers have great potential to be further developed and they can be great marketing tools.


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