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Split a classic case of a smaller indie game that was around for quite some time before it finally exploded in popularity. The Hello-meets-Portal arena shooter by 1047 Games suddenly became a sensation earlier this year, and while they are still in its beta, it has already accumulated over 10 million players.

1047 Games recently received 100 million in funding, and in update published on the game’s official website, the developers talked about what their plans are for the game, now that they have a significant amount of money to expand into a proper AAA development and turn Split into a much larger, more attention-grabbing game.

1047 Games jokingly recently mentioned adding a map editor to Split before Infinite Halo accepts its Forge mode, and that is something that they expand on in the update. “A map editor feature would still be a huge undertaking and a huge addition to it Split, ”The developer wrote. “As a player myself, I would love the possibility of disabling some gate pads and adding new pads that completely change the way maps are played. Pantheon, but the whole earth is one huge gate surface. Stadium, but you add an entirely new top level. It’s not just portal pads that could be added, of course. You could add new walls, bridges, props, armor, and spawning points! I would venture that game mode Contamination would be much more fun with custom maps! The number of possibilities is exciting with a feature like that. ”

In the meantime, though Split currently a multiplayer title only, Games 1047 has also at least thought of adding a single player campaign to the game – but if that happens, it will have a unique twist in line with the game’s central premise.

“Single player experience is also on the table,” the developer writes. “Sure, this could be Hello– single player campaign, but what else could we do? It’s no secret that the arena battle called “Splitgate” is treated as a feat in the game’s universe. We are one thing it could doing with that idea is something like “franchise mode,” as in traditional sports games. With a revamp of our AI bot, the game could present you with a large list of AI Players who can be recruited to play on a team. Every AI player has a set of stat ratings like goal, portal move, and awareness. You and your team would then progress through a sports season and play against other AI teams and eventually compete for the championship. It wouldn’t have to stop with a single player either, maybe you could set your recruited team against another real player team! Here is another idea with endless possibilities. ”

Of course, the developer also points out that none of these ideas are set in stone and, for the time being, are merely theories. Of course, the main focus for Games 1047 for the time being will be to expand the studio by bringing in more people, adding more multiplayer content, and adopting a model that sees updates and fixes released in much more regularly.

At this time, Split only available on PC, though Games 1047 wants to eventually bring the game to other platforms, including the Nintendo Switch.


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