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If you’re under 18 and wondering if you can get a video game tester job, the simple answer is yes. There are a few instances in which you will be eligible to become a video game tester. Unfortunately, your options are more limited than they would be if you were older.

For example, you will not be eligible for most onsite video game testing tasks. This involves going directly to the gaming company’s premises to test the games early in the process. Most of these jobs are reserved for high school graduates and above, except in special cases where large groups of testers are required. If you live near the facilities of a game company, don’t hesitate to contact them about video game testing jobs available for teens.

Otherwise, offsite video game testing jobs are much easier for teens to qualify. They are shorter term, but you can apply for more than one at the same time. These jobs will require you to test the game in your own home, and they often start later in the testing process. Offsite tasks are generally less restrictive and structured than onsite testing. You will have more freedom, but you will probably earn less money.

The easiest way to get a video game tester job if you’re under 18 is to sign up for an online membership site. These are the places where many companies take their gambling test job openings to fill them quickly. Unfortunately, most legitimate websites like this come with a nominal fee. Unless you have your own debit card or PayPal account, you’ll need your parents’ help to get started.


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