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With the open stress test for Age of Empires 4 ending today, the development team has released a full match between Rus civilizations and Holy Roman Empire. It demonstrates the types of technologies and resources used by both sides and their respective tactics. Check it out below.

Other civilizations that will be available in full game include the Chinese, French, English, Mongols, Abbasid Dynasty and Delhi Sultanate. So far, we have seen two separate campaigns – Moscow’s Progress over the Holy Roman Empire and the Norman Campaign which focuses on King Harold’s battle with Duke William of Normandy with the former also dealing with Viking raiders.

There is also the Centenary War campaign focusing on France as it fights English raids. He sees Jeanne d’Arc rise to prominence while modern weapons like cannons are played. There is one more campaign yet to be revealed so stay tuned in the coming weeks. Age of Empires 4 out on October 28th for PC and launches day one on Xbox Game Pass.


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