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With Gehenna: Bridge of Spirits Scheduled to open tomorrow (or tonight, depending on the region), EmberLab has provided more details on the game’s various features in a new press release. Available as a Standard Digital Edition ($ 39.99) and Deluxe Digital Edition ($ 49.99), the latter includes a digital soundtrack, golden Rot skin and silver staff for in-game use. Regardless of what information is purchased, it will include digital numbers for both PS4 and PS5.

In terms of PS5 features, Gehenna: Bridge of Spirits offers over 200 Video Game Assistants as part of PlayStation Games. Two models are offered – Fidelity mode, which runs at 4K and 30 FPS, and Performance Mode, which runs on 4K and rated at 60 FPS. For PC gamers, DirectX 12 is supported. There’s also a Photo Mode that allows players to pause the game and take different photos, allowing them to show off hats that Rot can decorate.

Every letter can say “Kiss!” in a picture As life director Hunter Schmidt explains, “When players set up their perfect picture, they will have the option to make people in the picture say ‘CHEESE!’ and hit the stage.Many people have multiple settings, so you can capture many types of fun movies in one place.I’m really excited to see what types of photos to capture by the players! ”

Gehenna: Bridge of Spirits will be available for PS4, PS5 and PC. Stay tuned for more details when getting started.


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