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2021 is the year of birthdays in the video game industry, with so many big franchises celebrating big milestones big and small. One of those is Person, Atlus seems to have big plans for them. The developer confirmed earlier this year that it would be celebrating Persona’s anniversary with seven new announcements in the coming year, and things seem to be finally moving (or soon enough) for that long celebration.

In November, for starters, Atlus will host its annual Person orchestral concert – on November 21, to be exact. You can expect musical performances from all parts of the series, and Person in general concerts have also seen some interesting announcements in the past, so there is a chance that that will happen this year as well (although Atlus has not said anything about that one way or another. “

Interestingly, in the video announcing these plans (which you can see below – it’s in Japanese, but it has English captions), Atlus has also teased what appears to be a new game announcement , but have not really said much about it. Instead, they will talk more about whatever this mysterious thing is until their next one Person 25th Times video, which will be coming in December.

Whether this new game Person 6 (which seems unlikely at the moment), some older port Person games, that Person 3 to reiterate that fans are seeking a will into existence, or there is something else altogether still to be seen.

Of course, Atlus has a gigantic stream that is supposed to coincide with the Tokyo Game Show later this month, so we may be hearing more about Person in the near future – though Atlus has made a general announcement Person on its own terms rather than being visible to specific events.


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