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Repair D3dx9_26 Dll Error – How to Free Repair D3dx9_26 Dll Error?

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When playing PC games, the game suddenly ended with a prompt saying “Cannot find d3dx9_26.dll.” No doubt you missed the file. Repair should be done immediately.

In order to fix the error, we first need to know what the common symptoms are. When a computer has d3dx9_26.dll error, the computer will become slow, at the same time the prompts may read as “Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupted: Windows system32 d3dx9_26.dll . Please reinstall a copy of the above file. ” Or “This application failed to start because d3dx9_26.dll was not found.

Reinstalling the application may resolve this issue. “Or” Cannot find d3dx9_26.dll “? If your computer received any of these messages, the error has occurred.

But how do you correct the error? The fastest way is to reinstall it, ie copy the dll file to “X: Windows system32”. Here, “x” represents the symbol of your hard drive where your system is installed. For example, C: Windows system32. Here are some tips for reinstalling the file.

1. For 32-bit operating system users, you need to unzip the files in the folder named 32-bit operating system into “X: Windows system32”

2. For 64-bit operating system users, you should have two options. The first is to do the same job as tip 1, but the file should be unzipped to “X: Windows SysWOW64”. The other is to unzip the files in the folder named 64-bit operating system to “X: Windows system32”.

3. Some dll files require manual user registration. The ways to register manually are as follows:

1) Copy the corresponding dll files to “X: Windows system32”.

2) Search for “Run” in the start menu, type “regsvr32 d3dx9_26.dll” in the field.

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