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Freedom Planet 2 Releasing in Spring 2022

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GalaxyTrail’s Freedom Planet 2 has been a long time in the making and fortunately, a release window has finally been announced. The 2D action platformer releases in Spring 2022 for PC. A new remastered trailer has been unveiled, which is essentially updating the 2019 Indieland trailer with improved gameplay clips and awkward new world maps.

Freedom Planet 2 sees Lilac, Milla and Carol return while Neera Li joins as a new playable character. Along with improved images and revamped designs for its characters, the platformer also sports a new item system. By using Gold Gems, players can buy items and also customize a bottle of potion to boost damage, gain more lives and so on. There is also a new guard button for pairing and blocking attacks.

Revitalizations have been added, which allows one to use extra life to regenerate on the spot. Providing a short period of invincibility, you will not regain full health during regeneration. It’s useful when you’re almost beating a boss though. Stay tuned for more details on Freedom Planet 2 in the coming months.

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