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Arkane Studios released an update for Deathloop on Steam, fixing an issue that caused some Achievements to be unlocked for PC players. Those experiencing crashes will also receive more detailed error messages, which should inform those whose CPUs do not meet the minimum requirements. It will also notify players if they – or any third party software – have disabled any extensions necessary to run the game.

Unfortunately, what the new update doesn’t do is fix the tripping issues that some PC players have been experiencing since its launch. Arkane is still looking into “exploring possible causes and solutions” and will provide more information when it can. In the meantime, it invites players facing these issues to help test hotfix. Contact customer service here and submit a ticket.

Deathloop currently available for PS5 and PC. Check out our official review here. It’s a uniquely timed year for the Sony console so expect it to arrive after September 14th 2022 for Xbox platforms.


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