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Among the many high-profile releases issued this week is Blizzard Entertainment Diablo 2: Resurrection. As a remaster of the classic action RPG spoiler, it sports better imagery, 4K resolution support and several quality of life features. All this and it does not replace the original game as Warcraft 3: Forced. But as good as it looks on other platforms, how does it catch up on the Nintendo Switch?

It’s an important question as the Switch was the only platform not to be included in the recent open beta. But talk to VentureBeat, chief designer Rob Gallerani said it runs “like butter.” “I like to play it in portable mode without downloading it. But yeah, with all our consoles, we built them for that experience. We didn’t want it to feel like we had just fed a PC game to the console. We wanted it to be what was right for that console. We’ve considered many things with the Switch, especially if you play it in portable mode. Everything is much smaller. Just the general attention to things like, how big is the font? How are things set out on the screen? Those are all things that had to accommodate that device to improve its strengths. “

Lead graphic engineer Kevin Todisco continued: “The same is true for many 3D images. It tailors the experience for that smaller screen, the handset that can be swapped out for a larger screen if you dock the console. With each platform we make sure we tailor the technology to give the best experience on that particular platform. The Switch version is very good. I think people are going to enjoy it, being able to take it for the first time. “

As far as Xbox Series X / S and PS5 versions go, the development team wanted them to look “the best they possibly can.” “It’s all about pretty graphics. We want them to look the best they can, to represent those platforms, and perform in the same way. I think people will be happy with the next gen versions of the game giving them possibly the best visual experience we can give. “

Diablo 2: Resurrection releases on September 23rd and will be available for Xbox One, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PC and Nintendo Switch. Blizzard Entertainment recently released trailers showcasing all classes including the Barbarian, Assassin, Paladin and more. For additional details on the title and what to expect, go here and wait for more information.


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