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And the hype for Genshin Effects o Raiden Shogun is still strong, miHoYo Games has another 5-star character coming. This time, Sangonomiya Kokomi, a Catalyst-employed Hydro user has a bad Crit Rate but focuses on recovery. Watch his philosophical stand out in the downhill trailer.

Squeeze has its own set of attacks, including an attack attack that deals Hydro damage to an AoE. Using his Elemental Skill “Kurage’s Oath” will heal all allies in certain seasons (based on his max HP) while also dealing Hydro damage to enemies. Elemental Burst “Nereid’s Ascension” also deals Hydro damage and funds “Ceremonial Garment” to increase Kokomi’s attack damage and Elemental Skill based on his high HP (along with attacks familiar and accusing the release of your close friends).

Overall, he has a strong amount of damage and damage to go along with his release, making Kokomi an interesting addition to other current healers. His flagship goes live tomorrow as he sits waiting for a more in -depth detailed video to pass and qualify. Genshin Influence currently available for PS4, PS5, PC, iOS and Android.


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