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Most modern games of chance are played with cards, but many years ago Chinese immigrants played an interesting game that used three six-sided dice and a bowl. It goes by many names other than Chinchirorin including Cee-lo, Four-Five-Six, Dice, etc. Despite its history, this game is still played today, and even gained some popularity when it was included in Genso Suikoden; a video game series that was first released for the PlayStation console in 1995.

When playing the game you only need three dice, a bowl, and at least one other player besides yourself, although more is recommended. This is a betting game and there are different variations, but the main two are described below. The first is where all players bet against the bank, and the second is a “winner takes it all” game.

Chinchirorin with a banker

One person is the banker and everyone else even makes dollar bets against the bank. The player who has been declared a banker must place an initial bet called a central bet. Once this has been placed, the other players can erase, or cover, part of their bet. Each player, starting from the left of the banker, can make part of the bank disappear until the full amount of the bank is covered by the players or until each player has had the opportunity to place their bet. Once the bets are placed, the dice are rolled. If the banker gets an automatic win (if the banker gets 4-5-6) the banker gets all bets, if the banker automatically loses on the roll (makes 1-2-3) then the banker loses all bets. However, if the Banker does not lose or win on the first roll of the dice, then the Banker must continue to roll until he obtains a win, loss, or set point.

A set point is where there is a pair of dice and then another (like 3-3-6). The single dice will then become the banker’s point and this is when all other players can now roll the dice. Starting from the banker’s left, each player will roll the dice until they get a win, loss, triple, or any automatic point. If they get one point more than the bankers, they win their bet, and vice versa if they get one point less. If they get the same point as the banker, then it’s a draw and there’s no winner or loser. This continues until all players have rolled, then the game restarts.

Chinchirorin without banker

This is where all players are equal and no one is the banker. At the start of each round, players will agree on a bet, put that money in a pile, and then start rolling the dice. Whoever has the best roll wins; this includes automatic wins and the highest point. Once the winner is determined he gets all the winnings and then a new round begins.


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