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Quizzes have always been enjoyed by the majority of people of all age groups. There are plenty of fun quizzes out there, ranging from standard trivia to rolling the dice and moving around a board collecting items while still answering questions correctly. You don’t have to go out and spend a lot of money on these types of games and quizzes and you can have fun making your own.

Here are some quiz ideas

  1. Each team has to collect a certain amount, say for the arguments 20 general knowledge questions and answers, 10 music, 10 sports and 10 history. Then everyone rolls a dice based on the number of quiz teams. This gives who they’re going to ask a question. Then they roll a single dice and if it lands on number six, because the quizzes only have 5 rounds, the team asking the question then chooses from which round to ask a question. Then the team rolls the dice again to select the question to choose from in the quiz. If the question is free, the questions are asked. The response team should answer the question. If the team cannot answer the question, they lose points or forfeit, but that question is left open until someone answers it. If the quiz question has already been answered, the questioning team chooses a question from that round. The team with the most points wins.
  2. Quiz spins the bottle. Each player provides a set of 20 quiz questions and answers making sure no one else sees them. You place a bottle or whatever can spin in the middle and each player takes turns taking it with a spin. After the bottle or whatever stops, the person it designates asks a question from their quiz. If the player is wrong on the quiz question, it can be asked again to another player and the next person turns. As soon as the first person has no more questions, the game is over. And the player with the most points wins again.
  3. Reverse quizzes. This game is relatively easy to set up but quite difficult to play. Basically get a box of quiz questions from an old game or a cheap store. Then, the players or the teams take turns to be asked a question but this time it is not the question which is read but the answer. They should then get a preview of what the quiz question was going to be. A word of advice, use junior questions for this, as full adult questions and answers can be a bit too difficult.

Using different formats and presentation ideas quiz, you can keep people interested and make it more fun.


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