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Remedy Entertainment’s pele 2010 title Alan Wake has long been asleep, but will return the long -awaited, when Alan Wake Remastered launch in a few weeks. Officially, Enhanced and Published Epic Games has released PlayStation, Xbox, and PC versions of the game, but may also end up arriving for the Switch.

Alan Wake Remastered recently scored for the Nintendo Switch in Brazil. Of the rates since it was taken down, but you can see a picture below (via VGC). Also, the Change version of the game has not been released, so it remains to be seen how true this is. That said, it’s not surprising to see a remaster of an Xbox 360 game release for the Switch.

Alan Wake Remastered is being launched Oct. 5 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. You can check out the desired PC game here.

alan ala ki remastered


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