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Eidos Montreal is branching out in new directions with its future Guardians of the Marvel Galaxy, a game we have seen quite a bit in the run-up to since its release earlier in the year. And as the launch neared, we’re starting to see and learn even more of the game.

Plenty of new gameplay photos for it have recently become available, thanks to a round of practical previews across various publications. Game Informer recently uploaded new photos as well, showing about nine minutes of gameplay, and there’s a lot to see here, including battling, the Milano (which will serve as the Guardians’ home for the duration of the game) , dialogue options, progression, and more. Especially in terms of sequel and the Milano, there are some interesting new details to gather. Check it out below.

Guardians of the Marvel Galaxy due out October 26 for PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One, PC, and as a cloud-exclusive release for the Nintendo Switch.


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