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A new PS4 firmware update seems to have solved a lot of issues with the PS4 in its recent years. In the beginning, if the PS4’s CMOS battery dies at the same time support for the console component – the console will be completely useless. The latest firmware fixes this issue, as reported by Modern Gamer.

MVG has posted a new video on YouTube – you can check it out below, where he did a lot of testing with the new firmware. In the video, he confirmed that the issue has been upgraded and as a result, fans will be able to play their digital and physical games even after PSN support drops for the console – but it needs to installing this firmware update, yes.

This particular finding came at a time when Sony decided to close a number of PS3, PSP and PS Vita stores – which were put together to make a strong argument that Sony doesn’t care about preserving its legacy. With this firmware released however, the story has changed for the better – which is definitely appreciated from an opinionated consumer.


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