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Remedy Entertainment has become very clear from now on that it is focused on building a vast universe shared by many of its players. There has been discussion of a Space Communication Solution in the past, cloud Owned by second extension, AWE, in fact, is the first first step toward making that reality, in bringing Alan Wake in that wider universe.

With Alan Wake Remastered come in the near future, we might see Solutions go back and change some things to be more relevant to their other titles, and maybe even expand the universe? It is possible.

Talk to Axios, Communications Director Thomas Puha said that future Remaster will still have a lot of changes depending on the actual content, but also suggested that there may be links with other Solution titles. When asked the question, he said, “We’re really looking forward to playing the remaster, that’s what we’re going to say.”

We know that Remedy Entertainment is currently working on a new AAA title that is set in the same world as Control ma Alan Wake. In fact, that game, which has now entered full production, is very much heard. Alan Wake 2.

Alan Wake Remastered launched Oct. 5 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Check its PC requirements at ii. Recent developments seem to suggest that the remaster could be launched for Review as well as read more on that here.


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