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After a few delays and a lot of high profile marketing, Deathloop was finally released earlier this month. The game received critical acclaim (we were big fans of our own), and it looks like the title will also be a financial success. Like many of Arkane’s previous titles, it has won high praise for its gameplay and flat design. Now, the good folks at NoClip are getting a special long form interview for all of that.

DeathloopCreative Director Dinga Bakaba spoke to NoClip for over 20 minutes about the game design. The long video is divided into several parts. Bakaba talks about the opening of the game, for which he feels the title was primitively designed, and then goes into detail on things like what went into the design of the 4 areas as well as combat ideas have been deleted. This is worth a look.

Deathloop available now on PlayStation 5 and PC. The PC version had some problems, but Arkane has worked to try to fix that, which you can read more about here.


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