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A new rumour claims that Nintendo is working on a remaster of Metroid Prime 1, not the entire trilogy, and that it’s scheduled for 2022.

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Metroid fans are finally going to get something new to play when Dread Metroid launches in a couple of weeks, but of course, the ones who are craving more Metroid Prime’s own unique offerings have been starving for some time now. Metroid Prime 4 remains an enigma, but even beyond that, there are countless leaks and rumors for several years in a row Metroid Chief a reimagined trilogy for the Switch has come to nothing.

Even so, those rumors refuse to disappear, and now we have an interesting variation. Nintendo insider Emily Rogers recently said on Twitter that, based on what she heard, Nintendo is not working on a full remaster of the entire trilogy, but for the re-release of the first one Metroid Prime game, with the plan being to release it in 2022 to coincide with the game’s 20th anniversary. Rogers says she’s not sure whether or not this means there will be a full-fledged trilogy – but honestly, given Nintendo’s pricing and release policies, especially with re-releases and remasters, it wouldn’t ‘ it comes as much and surprise to see only one single of those sold for a full $ 60.

Whether or not this eventually happens remains to be seen – you never know with Nintendo, after all, and Metroid Chief rumors in particular have had a good track record in recent years – but with Nintendo Direct scheduled for later today, there’s a chance we’ll hear something about this soon. Here’s hoping, anyway.

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