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A new report from Central Window Mojang mentions at least two new Minecraft games in the works right now. Well -known author, Jez Corden, has supported his claim anonymously, and is also believed to have recently teased Minecraft‘Websites are a surefire way of sure information for something.

Minecraft has been adapted to many different types, including Minecraft Prison, Minecraft Storybook among others. Therefore, it is not surprising if the pixel arts we are still seeing on the Minecraft website are ripening in some ways or format in the near future.

“One thing I’m sure of: There are other Minecraft to come. I know from reliable Mojang data that there are at least two all-new projects by Minecraft or Minecraft Dungeons, although I don’t know exactly or what those games might look like.Maybe we’ll find out that those all-movie movie clips were in fact teasing for full-fledged projects … or maybe not.One can hope, that though, ”the post reads.

Minecraft it’s one of the greatest games on the planet, with an amazing number of players and game traditions — the way it keeps players stuck on the game traditions for a very long time. This Mojang-developed creation has sold more than 200 units in any variety of formats, a number that many developers can only dream of.


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