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There’s a Nintendo Direct presentation broadcast in just a few hours, which means we’ll be seeing various announcements and new updates on soon-to-be-announced Switch games. Before the show, however, leaks have begun to emerge, courtesy of a Japanese Nintendo official himself timetable of Switch releases in the coming months and years.

One of the games mentioned in that schedule, interestingly enough, is new Kirby game, which, according to Google Translate, will be called The Discovery of the Kirby Stars in English (check out the screenshot below). It remains to be seen whether this will be the official local name.

In the meantime, apart from the game’s existence, potential name, and its key art, little else can be gathered about it, though the schedule page mentions that it will be out in Spring 2022. Clicking on the name of the game leads to a broken blog post link, though that will likely come up later today after the game is officially unveiled (if that happens, that is … it probably is).

The last major new railway line Kirby it was a game we had Star Kirby Allies for the Nintendo Switch back in 2018, so new Kirby late game definitely. Thankfully, it looks like it will be announced immediately.

Meanwhile, Nintendo’s schedule page also says so Bayonetta 3 finally launches at the end of 2022, suggesting that it may appear in the Direct later today. Read more about that throughout here.

kirby discovery of the stars dropping


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