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Since his announcement appeared last year and other news, everything has continued to look beautiful. Gehenna: Bridge of Spirits finally opened two days ago. Most, of course, have jumped into the game over the past two days, though some have reported a few issues here and there — most of which have been discussed with a new patch.

It has been pushed out by Ember Lab consultants patch 1.05 do not Gehenna: Bridge of Spirits, which enhances the differentiated progress players get in the game, including one that locked you in Spirit Mask mode at times. Meanwhile, other things like picture mode, light sensor cameras, the PS5 version of action graphics, and more have changed. You can check out the full patch below.

Gehenna: Bridge of Spirits is now out for PS5, PS4, and PC. Although it is currently available in numbers, the body of the game will be announced in November. Our review of the game will be live again, so stay tuned for that.


  • Use photography when living with Rot.
  • Increase better understanding of photography.
  • Fixed bug that locked the player in Spirit Mask mode.
  • Improves block progress after battle in Taro’s Tree region.
  • Improves block progress after gaining Bow Ability.
  • Progressive block later Adira Hammer Relic with the logo not fading after completion.
  • The blockchain remains on the Warrior Path.
  • The “Resume game” section for the PS5’s actions has been temporarily suspended to prevent excessive autosaves. This feature will be reused in a future patch.
  • Record small scenes, crashes, and audio recordings.


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