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Published almost four years ago, Bayonetta 3 is a game that has caused a lot of frustration and anxiety for many people. PlatinumGames and Nintendo have repeatedly insisted that its development is going well, although actual game updates have been absolutely nothing since its logo unveiled back in December 2017. However, recently , Platinum seemed to suggest a showing for the game might not be too far away, and new developments seem to suggest that as well.

Draw on the official Nintendo Japan website, their tentative release timetable for upcoming Switch games have seen some interesting updates. Specifically where Bayonetta 3 worryingly, the game is mentioned in the 2022 list – more specifically, the schedule indicates that the title of the act will launch somewhere in the September-November period. Meanwhile, clicking on the name of the game leads to a broken link for a blog update – which is likely to be something yet to be announced. Check out the screenshot below, because Nintendo will probably have pulled the page down soon.

Of course, with the introduction of Nintendo Direct scheduled just hours from now, the obvious conclusion to draw here is that we are finally going to see Bayonetta 3 very soon, with a release window finally being confirmed. Whether or not that actually happens remains to be seen, so stay tuned for all the updates until then.

bayonetta 3 2022


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