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Kicking off the latest Nintendo Direct, Capcom announced a major new expansion coming to it Monster Hunter Rise in Summer 2022. It’s called Sunrise and sees players venturing into new environments, accepting new monsters and engaging in new story quests. Check out the teaser reveal below.

A new dragon is on display, which may be the newest frontline. Given how Monster Hunter World, Iceborne and even the foundation Monster Hunter Rise an experience played out, this may just be a red herring. The real question is whether Sunrise is used to introduce a new G-Rank difficulty into the mix as Iceborne he did with Master Rank.

That is worth noting Monster Hunter Rise will release in early 2022 for PC. A release date announcement has not yet been provided but appears to be a given Sunrise comes to it later. Stay tuned for more details and announcements from the Nintendo Direct in the meantime.


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