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Nintendo Direct was new today, and it has happened sometimes, there were lots of nice surprises. Some of them dropped ahead of time, but one of the games that almost no one saw was new Final Fantasya themed cart racer that is a throwback to an old subset of the series that some may not even be aware of. That game is Chocobo GP.

The game came alongside an announcement trailer, which you can see below. He is a similarly styled cart racer Mario Kart a Sonic Team Racing, only with the Final Fantasy beloved mascot, front and center of Chocobo. Much like those other examples, you race other players and use special power ups to gain advantage as well as charms taken from the franchise like Fira. It’s not just the feathered friends you get to play, either, as it will feature other original characters and those from classic titles like Vivi from Final Fantasy 9. The game seems to be a modern interpretation of Chocobo Racing, a similar cart racer released in 1999 for the PS1.

Chocobo GP set to release sometime in 2022 exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.


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