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Once you get the hang of the combat system at Bandai Namco’s Rising Myths, his bosses will be the biggest challenges. Along with the five Lords, you will encounter a variety of different threats on your travels, each with different weaknesses. I wouldn’t look at all of the different Gigants aka the giant roaming Zeugles that can be defeated in various side-quests. For more details on those (along with other collections), go here. If you’re having trouble leveling up or donating items and equipment, then check out our guide here for some tips on winning Gald and EXP farming.

Keep in mind that all bosses can be wiser at Moderate difficulty and above, especially in the very beginning when you have no armor or resistances. You can reduce the difficulty at any time from the Settings menu if things get too hectic. Without further information, here are all of the bosses we encountered in the main story. Spoilers follow so be warned:

  • Lord Balseph
  • Ice Wolf Leader
  • Ooze Hive
  • Lord Ganabelt
  • Zaarania
  • Kisara
  • Lord Dohalim
  • Venoflage
  • Temararus
  • Grinymuk
  • Lord Almeidrea
  • Meria Phein
  • Kalmarzel and Kaldinzel
  • Lord Vholran
  • Eljarania
  • Great Astral Spirit
  • Subsumer
  • Vholran (Alphen only)

Check out the videos below from omegaevolution and CGInferno on YouTube to see how to beat them all.

Naturally, those aren’t All of the bosses that can be fought in the game. There are several secret bosses to face, three who will be familiar to fans of the previous games. Check out all of them below, but be warned again, spoilers follow:

  • Edna (o Zesteria Tales)
  • Eizen (o Tales of Berseria)
  • Chronos (o Xillia 2 Tales)

Finally, those who try the hardest challenge can take part in the last sub-inquiry “The Reminders.” He sees players take Phantom versions of all the Lords, one after the other. After you defeat each in a separate fight, then you must fight them all at once.

However, it is more likely that two Lords will be active at the same time. After collapsing one, another arrives to take his place. Once that’s all done, you have to face off against a Phantom version of Zephyr which is at level 100. Complete all of this and you’ve really overcome all the bosses. Rising Myths. Check out the videos below from Rubhen925 on YouTube for tips.

Rising Myths currently available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, PS5 and PC. For more details, you can read our official review here.


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