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It takes a lot to unveil anyone following Devolver Digital’s upcoming releases but Daniel Mullins’ Games Inscryption take it away. Announced at E3 2021, the “card-based odyssey” comes from a developer Pony Island a The Hex. A free demo is now live to try out on Steam but we won’t have to wait long for the full release – it’s out on October 19th for PC.

A new trailer has also been released and is as mind-blowing as it is unique. The game itself sees the player take part in a deck-building roguelike with horror loops, seemingly live cards and puzzles to escape Leshy’s mysterious cabin.

What happens and who is the mysterious person on the other side of the table? We’ll have to find out in the coming weeks but suffice to say that this should be another thought-provoking story for the ages. Stay tuned for more details when it releases in the coming weeks.


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