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An offer announcement by Sony sees the availability of a one -month PS Plus for $ 1 in the US PS Store. This offer is now available and will run until midnight on 26 September.

PS Plus is usually available for a monthly price of $ 9.99, although those who sign up for more months at a time will have to pay a small monthly fee. This launch is a great way to see what the service has to offer, but those interested should also keep in mind Sony’s update rules.

Sony’s PS Plus games for the month of September included Hitman 2, Example: Cornerstone Land, ma It’s cooked! Everything is edible aoina. Also keep in mind that those who sign up for the service on the PS5 will have access to the PlayStation Plus collection, which is a great addition for the story’s questionnaire. There is no confirmed word about the PS Plus game for October 2021.


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