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XSEED Games and Marvelous Europe have confirmed that Rune 5 Factory releases on March 22nd 2022 in North America for the Nintendo Switch. It will arrive in Europe on March 25th 2022. Slate was the farming action / sim RPG to be released this year but was facing delays.

In a new post focusing on localization of England, XSEED revealed that English localization began in March 2020 after it moved to a home-working model. It further revealed that a same-sex marriage would come to the title with its release from the West, allowing the main characters of Ares or Alice to marry any of the 12 companions in the game. Although not currently available in the Japanese version, same-sex marriages will be added in a future piece.

XSEED also explained that adding the feature did not delay Western release. “We always planned to release the game long after Japan because of the length of time needed to translate it into French and German from English, as well as the availability of the development team for quality assurance testing . It took a while to implement this new feature, but we adjusted our overall schedule so that it didn’t affect our release date. “

Rune 5 Factory limited to the Switch when it launches for the West in 2022. Meanwhile, Rune 4 Special Factory launches for PS4, Xbox One and PC this Fall. A remaster of the 2012 Nintendo 3DS classic, it includes HD images, new cutscenes via Newlywed Mode and Veteran Mode for even more content. Stay tuned for a proper release date in the coming weeks.


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