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When Capcom unveiled Monster Hunter Rise’s first paid expansion Sunrise, it was not also much surprise since he did the same with Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. However, with a PC version of the first yet to be released, one had to wonder if it would receive Sunbreak later.

Thankfully, that is not the case. In a new Capcom Unity Position, the developer explained that the expansion would release simultaneously for PC and Nintendo Switch in Summer 2022. The PC version is slated for release in early 2022 and although a date has not been released published again, it was recently rated in Korea and Germany. An announcement could be coming at the Tokyo 2021 Game Show, especially as Capcom has a presentation.

As for other details, Capcom said that fans can expect “a great deal of content.” Along with a new story line, new monsters, new locales and “gameplay elements,” a new Quest Rank has also been confirmed. This may act as the de facto G-Rank or title Master Rank, which is supposed to provide the toughest challenge. Stay tuned for more details in the meantime.


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