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Bastion gets a new Ultimate and can move around in Sentry mode while Sombra can hack foes in stealth and reveal them to teammates.

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During the 2021 Overwatch League Finals, Blizzard Entertainment released several new trailers for Overwatch 2. One focused on the new look of Bastion, with some changes to its overall exterior and the addition of a hat (don’t ask, we don’t know). But the more engaging videos focused on the work that came to Bastion and Sombra. Check them out below.

Bastion is no longer healing itself and is not transforming into a tank with its Ultimate. His new Ultimate is essentially a artillery strike with players able to mark positions on an overhead map. Switching to Sentry mode, Bastion can now advance soles and attack, though its movement speed is reduced by 50 percent. Its Recon mode also has slower firing but is more accurate over a longer range.

As for Sombra, there are now two parts to their Hack – the first disables abilities for a second while the second unlocks enemies to fellow players for eight seconds. More importantly, hacked enemies are now taking more damage from its main fire. Its Ultimate, EMP, has also been changed to deal damage with hacked enemies taking extra damage from attacks. Finally, it can hack opponents from stealth although it will be revealed briefly in doing so.

Overwatch 2 under development for Xbox One, PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch. An early build will be used for the 2022 season of Overwatch League but no commercial release date has been announced.

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