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Guerrilla Games has leveraged the PS5 for denser polygons on characters, more skeletal joins for improved facial expressions and more.

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Guerrilla Games has revealed some new details above Western Forbidden Horizon, its future world -opening action game is rolling out in the new year for PS4 and PS5. On the PlayStation Blog, discussed the development of Aloy’s character and vision, and also discussed the enhancements offered by the PS5.

Artist Bastien Ramisse says, “Every generation of comforters bring a lot of power that allows us to add large blocks to our models, so we can build the best possible details. such as peach fuzz, clear light, or good detail and accurate information., to name a few. flexibility and visuals in a whole new level for more reliable and deeper performance characteristics. All in all, a dream come true for players and developers! ”

However, Bastien noted that the PS4 version has not been modified. “We developed and tested the game simultaneously on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, because it’s very important to us that the room ensures that PlayStation 4 players get the same features. and from our perspective Twilight, we realized that we still had some unexplored details that could push the performance and quality of our property behavior forward; it’s great now to be able to apply that knowledge and experience for the series. ‘”Initially, game leader Mathijs de Jonge revealed that the” most “development and playtesting done on PS4 was this more or less top line.

In terms of the technological advancement behind its beauty, Western Forbidden Horizon is effectively pushing faces and catching pockets for Aloy. “The most notable differences and improvements for Aloy in terms of technology are shape pushing and body capture accuracy, allowing more accurate shape and on -line details as well as significantly increased polygon density. to capture the hands used, ”Bastien

Aloy can use many different costumes on his journey, some of which are “similar to the usual ones from the first game” and can be purchased from Merchants or found around the world. Clothing, as previously noted, has special skills that evoke “skills in a variety of ways.” Guerrilla also teased the “new and improved Skill Tree” which will provide more details later.

Western Forbidden Horizon is out on February 18th 2022 for PS4 and PS5. Stay tuned for more details towards its release.

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