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Our latest video outlines the differences between Death Stranding Director’s Cut on the PS5 and the PS4 Pro.

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After the opening of Death Director’s Death for the PS5, we looked at the key aspects of the game and how it compares to the main game of the PS4 Pro version. An important point of view is the fact that this test is a representative of performance, not exact numbers. Check out the video below for more information

Complete Completion on the PS4 Pro it runs at a frame-rate of 2160p at 30 fps in Standard mode. In our tests, the game largely stuck to its goal performance. Performance mode knocks down the resolution, and pushes the framerate to 60fps. The PS5, meanwhile, features two different versions – a standard mode, which goes in 4K with a resolution of up to 60 fps, and a performance mode, which goes at a low resolution with a focus of 60 fps, which many stick to.

On the topic of load times, the PS5 sees a lot of improvements from the PS4 Pro thanks to its SSD. The PS4 Pro takes more than a minute to play, while the PS5 only takes a few seconds to play.

Check out our detailed analysis in the video below.

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