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Blog post on the officer Apex Legends blog notes that the game will now include bite-sized story quests. In the post, developer Respawn Entertainment has revealed that this new mode will be called Apex Chronicles.

The title of the first in the series is Old Ways, New Dawn and will focus on long-time Bloodhound Legend. Players wishing to trigger the inquest will have to look out for White Raven in an unlisted battle royale game. In triggering the inquest, players will be guided on an adventure, which will see Bloodhound rescuing an injured prowler and delving deeper into his past failures and guilts.

Respawn has also stated that the story will include checkpoints, and players will not overlap each other. The default certainly sounds interesting, given the richness and breadth of literature Apex Legends. The update drops on September 29 for all platforms on which the game is currently available.


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