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It’s been some time since Neon Giant’s excellent cyberpunk action RPG The Ascent has been launched, and the indie team has been plugging away behind the scenes to use patches to solve various player-borne problems with the game. Another new piece is also in the works, and while we don’t know the full extent of what it will fix, the developer has divided some of the highlights of the issues that the update will address.

For starters, several sequencing bugs in various quests in the games are going to be fixed. In the meantime, various collaborative issues are also being addressed, as well as performance improvements and ray tracing solutions on PC (specifically Windows 10 version), as well as other visual, stability, audio and translation solutions. Neon Giant stresses that this is not the full list of solutions (more detailed patch notes will arrive later), but you can check out the list of highlights shared by the developer below.

The cloth will be used in the near future, but there is no word yet on exactly what to expect. That said, the development team says it will continue to work on solutions for the game for the foreseeable future, writing, “Make sure our team is committed to improving the game for all players on all platforms, and we will continue to work hard. The Ascent throughout the rest of the year and beyond. ”

The Ascent available on Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, and PC.

  • Repairs were made to resolve situations where FullChromes is not present during “Mutual Dependencies” (Mission 2) unblocking players stuck here.
  • A solution was resolved to resolve an issue where some Players were blocked at the ‘Find Lanier’ stage during “Data Miner” (Mission 5)
  • We have made a reply to players who report being blocked at the “talk to Kira” stage in “Trace Protocol” (Mission 7)
  • Achievements: fix for the “Comprehensive” Achievement. We are also looking into solutions for “Winning”, “For Our Benefits” and “Omnihacker”.
  • Performance improvements on PC and Windows 10 (including solution for Raytracing not working for Windows 10 players)
  • Various collaborative repairs (including elevator repairs and many problems with network disconnections)
  • Lots of other improvements including visual issue solutions, various stability solutions, various audio solutions, translation solutions and more.


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