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Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut he gave everyone who came back and newcomers even the perfect excuse to dive into Sucker Punch’s beautifully open world of great samurai, and the development rejuvenated him with a bit of familiarity. Another new patch is now live, and it fixes some of the other issues faced by some players.

For starters, the list has now added a new UI that can be used to discover hidden efforts that are part of the Common Courtesy Trophy, meaning they know they are no longer hidden. Meanwhile, the rewards from the Test of Iyo have also been restored (or strengthened, to be more precise). Other fixes for things like Remote Play, New Game + cosmetics sometimes not released in Legends, and other versions (which remain uncertain) have already been provided as well.

Speaking of History, the multiplayer mode recently received a standalone release, and will go on to get a new Savior map soon as well.

Ghost of Tsushima available on PS5 and PS4.


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