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Along with a release date for Monster Hunter Rise on PC (January 12th 2022), Capcom also confirmed that Title 5 Update is for Monster Hunter Stories 2: Ruin Wings arrives on October 21st. A new trailer has been released showcasing the two new Monsties – Gold Rathian and Silver Rathalos – in action. Check it out below.

However, perhaps the biggest surprise is that Fatalis will be the monster of the next co-op with high difficulty attached to it. The 9-star co-op quest to kill Fatalis goes live the same day as the update along with other quests. Gold Rathian and Silver Rathalos arrive on October 28th with 9-star collaborative quests to kill either and 8-star sub-query “Shining Silver Sun” among other content.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Ruin Wings currently available for PC and Nintendo Switch. Check out our review of the basic version here. A free trial is available on both platforms with progress transferring to the full game upon purchase.


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