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High-resolution textures and 21:9 Ultrawide display support will also be included with a free demo coming to Steam on October 13th.

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Capcom announced a release date for Monster Hunter Rise’s PC version during its recent news program TGS 2021. He confirmed that the action RPG would launch on January 12th 2022 for Steam. Check out the announcement trailer to see the game in action.

The PC version will include several graphical options such as 4K resolution support, high resolution textures, uncapped frameworks and support for Ultrawide 21: 9 displays. A demo will also be coming to Steam on October 13th. Expect it to be a bit like the second demo for the Switch version which allowed players to take on Magnamalo but stay tuned for more details on it anyway.

For more information on Monster Hunter Rise for the Nintendo Switch, check out our official review here. It expands hugely in the Summer of 2022 with Sunrise which adds a new Elder Dragon, Malzeno, along with a new story and areas. The expansion will launch simultaneously for PC and Switch.

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